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About Us

Established in 1984, The Dance Academy has grown and thrived under the thoughtful direction of Colleen Kilmer.  Truly unique, The Dance Academy offers something special for children and young adults of all ages and interests.  Over the years, thousands of students have enrolled in our weekly ballet, tap, jazz, and pointe classes which culminate in a summer dance concert highlighting the year's achievements.

Although several of our students have gone on to attain significant achievement in the field of dance, our primary goal is to stimulate personal growth and development and especially to have FUN!!  We offer a safe learning environment, where encouragement is given along with constructive criticism.

Dance is an outstanding form of exercise that promotes aerobic and cardiovascular conditioning.  Dance develops total physical coordination = graceful movement, poise and rhythmic response to music.  But, most of all, it is great FUN!  An added benefit is the socialization - many of our students, in the course of their dance studies, have developed close friendships that last a lifetime.

Our programs offer students the opportunity to enjoy learning and developing dance skills progressively over time.  Activities are open to all who wish to enroll and participate - beginners, as well as accomplished dancers, are welcome.  Lessons are presented in a structured format and environment which includes an appropriate dress code and behavioral expectations that encourage self-discipline.  Our instructors possess a real appreciation of the art of dance and a genuine enthusiasm that carries over to their students.

As all of our programs are goal-oriented, personal progress will require sincere commitment- devotion of time, energy and a desire to excel.  While instruction is given in a group setting, individual attention and encouragement are hallmarks of our philosophy of teaching.

Conveniently located at 637 Big Bend at Sulphur Spring Road in the Treetop Shopping Center,  The Dance Academy studio is easily accessible and has ample parking.



Colleen is the owner and principal teacher of The Dance Academy.  She has benefited from personal instruction on a continuous basis since the age of four, and has had a lifetime interest in all forms of dance including ballet, tap, and jazz.

Colleen's formal training has been in the Cecchetti Method of Classical Ballet under the aegis of The Imperial Society of Teachers of Dancing in London, England.  Certification in this method is determined through a graded syllabus of instruction and examination by a Fellow of the Imperial Society.  Dancers must demonstrate a comprehensive mastery of skills for each level of expertise.  

Colleen's credits include the following:

-certified as a dancer in the Cecchetti Method of Classical Ballet from the Imperial Society of Teachers of Dancing, London, England

-danced with the St. Louis Municipal Theatre Association (MUNY) and the Florida Ballet Company of Sarasota

-majored in dance at Butler University

-gained early experience as an instructor in several area dance studios

-choreographer and featured dancer in numerous shows for industrial, community, and church groups

-regularly participated in classes at nationwide workshops presented by the foremost performers and choreographers in the field of dance

-produced and choreographed an annual festival of dance featuring over 400 students of The Dance Academy over 36 years

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