We are now accepting registrations for our

2021-22 dance classes!

Fall Classes begin Tuesday, September 7th.  To register send $15.00 registration fee per child and 1/2 of September's tuition, along with the registration form.  We accept checks or cash when in studio.  Tuition balance is due the first week of class.  We need a six person minimum per class.  Please register in advance.  SCHEDULE IS SUBJECT TO CHANGE.


5:15-6:15 K-1st Gr Ballet/Tap/Jazz

5:15-6:15 4-5th Grade Ballet/Tap                                         

6:15-7:15 4th-5th Grade Jazz

6:15-7:15 2-3rd Gr. Ballet/Tap/Jazz

7:15-8:45 Select 6-8th gr Ballet/Tap 

8:45-9:15 Select Beg/Inter Pointe



4:30-5:20  4-5 yr old Ballet/Tap

5:30-6:30  4-6th Gr Ballet/Tap/Jazz

5:30-6:30  K-1st gr Ballet/Tap/Jazz

6:30-7:20  3-4 yr old Ballet/Tap

6:30-7:30  1-3rd Gr Ballet/Tap/Jazz

7:30-8:30  6-8th Grade Jazz 


4:30-5:20 3-4 yr old Ballet/Tap

4:30-5:30 K-1st Gr Ballet/Tap/Jazz

5:30-6:30 2-3rd Gr Ballet/Tap/Jazz

5:30-6:30 3-5th Grade Jazz

6:30-7:20 3-4yr old Ballet/Tap  

6:30-7:30 5-6 yr old Ballet/Tap 

7:30-8:45 Select 9th & up Ballet

8:45-9:15 Select 9th & up Pointe 


4:30-5:30 K-1st Gr. Ballet/Tap/Jazz

5:30-6:30 2-3rd Gr Ballet/Tap/Jazz

5:30-6:30 6-8th Grade Jazz/Tap

6:30-7:20 4-5 yr old Ballet/Tap

6:30-7:30 4-6th Gr. Ballet/Tap/Jazz

7:30-8:45 Select 9th & up Jazz 

8:45-9:30 Select 9th & up Tap